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theJurists London is an early legal disruptor. We advise medium to large-sized organisations in digital, intellectual property and company law, whilst creating the legal tools of tomorrow. And yes, we have our very own theJurists beer.

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theJurists is not your ordinary legal office. Eight years ago, at its founding, it already revolved around one idea: to conquer the outdated legal world and change it drastically. With technology on our side, we believe it’s time for a new era in the legal world – that of theJurists Europe.

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New privacy rules? Exciting event?


We know the GDPR like the back of our hand. No more worries about data processing – our jurists are privacy experts.

Digital law

Complex IT contracts, audits or legal e-commerce solutions – our ICT legal experts can do it all.

Intellectual Property

Our jurists protect what is most valuable to you: your reputation, your ideas, your designs, your inventions.


Digital accessibility, transparent pricing and crystal clear communication. That’s our promise.

Always, everywhere

Digital accessibility

24/7 digital accessibility via our Slack app, Webchat, Facebook Messenger and more.

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Get more for your money

Transparent pricing

Don’t accept towering rates. Quality legal work can and should be affordable.

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No more empty talk

Crystal clear communication

If you don’t understand it, your client won’t either. We provide crystal clear legal language.

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Get to know the team.


We are proud of every one of our clients. Here are some of the companies that have entrusted their legal concerns to us.

Heard about the GDPR? Click here if you’re looking for more information, or here to see which GDPR-related services we can offer.