theJurists London opens Q2 2017

theJurists Europe opens a new local office in London in April 2017.

theJurists Europe announces the opening of a local office in London, which will export theJurists’ characteristic rebel streak to the UK.

True to theJurists’ core principles, theJurists London is not a law firm, but a team of specialised jurists with the mind-set of entrepreneurs. theJurists provides clear and affordable legal advice to those companies which need it and are discouraged by towering lawyer fees. Not only is theJurists specialised in digital law, IP and company law; its jurists are also fans of technology. This gives theJurists a head start on the market, especially in the tech and creativity sectors.

theJurists does things differently, as its seven-year long success story on the continent has proven. Founded in 2010 in Ghent, the company has grown from a start-up to a key player on the Belgian legal tech market. On top of being a high-end legal advisor, theJurists also commits itself to developing the legal tools of tomorrow. “By 2020, theJurists will be 80% technology company”, says founder and Managing Partner Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert.

On his decision of bringing theJurists to the UK, Matthias says: “In light of recent developments in the UK, a lot of businesses will be looking for legal advice that fits their cross-border aspirations. Of course we aren’t the only ones providing legal advice about Brexit, but we present a quick, affordable, quality alternative.

The London office will be led by Morgane Van Ermengem, who previously gained experience in a top tier international law firm. With her LL.M. in international business law and a professional certificate in IP from Stanford Law School, she has the legal skills required for the job. After gaining experience in corporate law and commercial litigation, she was looking for a more entrepreneurial take on the law. She found it with theJurists.

I truly believe in this project,” she says. “For a lot of businesses, seeking advice from a law firm is not an option. They can’t afford the high rates and the advice can feel outdated. Most businesses need someone to think with them day-to-day and who understands digital technology. theJurists are entrepreneurs, we actually know what a fellow entrepreneur needs in terms of legal protection.”

theJurists London will be hiring new jurists to join the team by the end of the summer.