Call for speakers – AI event

theJurists Europe: call for speakers, AI event, Q4 2017.

Hi there!

After having only just hosted our privacy event, theJurists Europe is already putting a lot of work into organizing a thrilling new event, scheduled for Q4 of 2017. This time, we will be dealing with the many fascinating aspects of Artificial Intelligence. We will particularly be focusing on the legal and ethical dimensions.

It goes without saying that we want to offer a varied selection of speakers to our audience. In that respect, theJurists would like to invite (inter)nationally renowned speakers and experts from various disciplines to share their insights on AI.

If you believe you can make a relevant and intriguing contribution to our event, do not hesitate to contact us ( Please mention the necessary details about your professional career and the specific topic you would like to talk about.

theJurists looks forward to reflecting together on Law, AI and ethics.