Slack update, get Spectr

Slack updated it’s app store. Now it’s even easier to install Spectr in your team!


Got your own free legal counsel on Slack yet (update)?

Slack made downloading apps easier for its users this week. Instead of having to surf to the specific app store for Slack (or go to the dedicated website of the app, like the one of our virtual jurist Spectr <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”></a>), you can simply add an app in the Slack screen itself, bottom left under the channels and direct messages.

Haven’t added our free in-house legal counsel to your Slack-team yet? It’s even easier to do so now! Add Spectr to your Slack and ask for free introductory legal advice.

Not a Slack-user? Don’t worry, you can ask Spectr for advice via Facebook Messenger (on the Spectr Facebook page) or via Telegram. The best user experience of course is by downloading Slack. Read more on the <a href=””>Spectr website</a>.