Prestigious award for legal robot Lee & Ally (press release)

Legal robot Lee & Ally winner of the very first Belgian Legal Tech award.

BRUSSELS, 19 October 2017 – Lee & Ally, the legal robot based on artificial intelligence, yesterday received the very first Legal Tech award, organized by Trends Legal Awards.
Lee & Ally is a product of theJurists Europe (deJuristen/lesJuristes) and is currently available as a beta version.

Yesterday evening, the 12th edition of the prestigious Trends Legal Awards took place. For the first time in the history of the event, the category Legal Tech (umbrella term for innovative projects within the legal sector) was added to the programme. deJuristen walked off with the award for ‘Most promising Legal Tech company/start-up in Belgium’.

This is a huge recognition for the entire team.”, says Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert, managing partner of theJurists Europe. “The traditional legal market has remained unchanged for decades. We are genuinely surprised that the Trends Legal Awards pays attention to new initiatives and obviously, we are very honoured to receive the de award. The legal sector in Belgium still has a long way to go; but we ‘ll get there eventually.”

Legal tech in Belgium

deJuristen is not the only Belgian company focusing on Legal Tech. Jan-Willem Lust, Head of Legal explains: “During the past year, the sector has progressed considerably. We see all different sorts of businesses introducing new technologies and shaking the legal landscape wide awake. Initiatives such as (also nominated), Jureca, LexGo,, Lawbox and many others contribute to making law more accessible for both companies and consumers. Naturally, such an evolution is to be welcomed. In addition, the development of LegalTech Belgium puts us on the European map.”

Price tag: 1 million euro

Earlier in Q4 2016, theJurists Europe managed to attract an investment of 1 million euro for the rollout of Lee & Ally with Cronos, its current investor. The company is now negotiating a Series-A investment in order to expand the platform internationally.