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Prestigious award for legal robot Lee & Ally (press release)

Legal robot Lee & Ally winner of the very first Belgian Legal Tech award. BRUSSELS, 19 October 2017 – Lee & Ally, the legal robot based on artificial intelligence, yesterday received the very first Legal Tech award, organized by Trends Legal Awards. Lee & Ally is a product of theJurists Europe (deJuristen/lesJuristes) and is currently […]

Brexit and the GDPR: what’s the hassle?

Brexit and the GDPR: what’s the hassle?   If you work in cybersecurity or in the legal sector, you’ve probably heard of the infamous “GDPR” or General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR is the European Commission’s latest and most far-reaching attempt at harmonising data protection rules in the EU. The aim is to protect the […]

Slack update, get Spectr

Slack updated it’s app store. Now it’s even easier to install Spectr in your team! <!–more–> Got your own free legal counsel on Slack yet (update)? Slack made downloading apps easier for its users this week. Instead of having to surf to the specific app store for Slack (or go to the dedicated website of […]

Call for speakers – AI event

theJurists Europe: call for speakers, AI event, Q4 2017. Hi there! After having only just hosted our privacy event, theJurists Europe is already putting a lot of work into organizing a thrilling new event, scheduled for Q4 of 2017. This time, we will be dealing with the many fascinating aspects of Artificial Intelligence. We will […]