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You are probably well aware of the number of servers in your business, how many computers your employees use, which software those computers run on, and how many times a week a back-up is made of your data. But are you just as aware of all the legal aspects?

We have noticed over the years that many businesses are not fully informed when it comes to current rules with regard to privacy, data processing, intellectual property in (software) projects, etc.

Likewise, most businesses don’t have a strategy or plan mapped out in case of an illegal data breach or hacking event. This is a shame, because an emergency plan can save you a lot of revenue, sweat and tears. And if you think that hacking only happens to others, you just have to watch the news to realise cyber-attacks have become commonplace. Ever heard of ‘HaveIBeenPwned’? It’s an initiative that allowed users to check if their data and passwords have been compromised by a cyber-attack or data breach. The website currently has a database of more than 3.5 billion hacked accounts, coming from 217 websites. Chances are it’ll happen to you somewhere down the line. Getting legal safeguards up is essential.

Other points of interest we can screen at your request are the validity of your software licences, correct archiving of internal e-mail traffic, the use of social media on the work floor, or the compliance of your website.

We would love to help make your business a real success. Convinced? Ask us how we can be of assistance!

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