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We don’t really believe going to court is the most efficient way of dealing with conflicts. Not only are lawsuits long, strenuous and expensive affairs, they’re also stressful and a real burden on the business. More importantly: we think the courts don’t entirely understand the specificities of the tech industry.

At theJurists, we believe a conversation can go a long way. And judging from our experience, it always helps.

We can advise you on how to settle a discussion or conflict amicably, without exuberant costs. We understand that time is money, especially in IT-related conflicts. It’s in everybody’s interest to find a solution quickly. Our jurists can sit around the table with you and find a most suitable way to end a conflict or to get your project going again. Want to get this stress off your shoulders? Together we can close this chapter so you can focus on future endeavours.

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