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E-commerce has become omnipresent in the business world of today. Who has never bought anything online? Nowadays, almost every physical shop has its own web shop.

We have noticed however that many online salespersons are not aware of the legal dangers connected with e-commerce. There are many ways in which a web shop can be in violation of laws and regulations. Moreover, until March 2019, the rules set out by the European Union are still in force. We think it’s better to comply with those for now, and have a legal partner by your side for when things will change.

What can we offer? Crystal clear legal advice and documents. But our service goes further: you can expect regular updates on changing laws and important jurisprudence, count on us for short training sessions to inform your clients, and we’ll give your web shop our own unique legal quality label. Just put it this way: we want to give you peace of mind. As a consumer yourself, you have to admit that you wouldn’t buy anything from a dodgy looking web shop. So don’t lose clients and revenue because of legal omissions or mistakes.

Are you a web developer, e-commerce specialist, payment provider or logistics partner? We’re always interested in a mutually enriching, durable and positive collaboration.

Finding your way in legal rules and regulations is not always easy and it’s better to guard yourself against difficult clients, complicated questions or cumbersome problems. We would love to help you out and make your e-commerce venture a real success. Convinced? Ask us how we can be of assistance!

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