Solid agreements make great friends.



Imagine a world without contracts. Where everybody is true to their words and acts predictably. You can’t, can you?

Like you, we would love the business world to have a bit more basic integrity. Unfortunately, this is unrealistic. That’s why it is absolutely crucial to protect your interests through ready-to-use, understandable contracts.

We are aware that the word ‘contract’ probably made you, (IT) entrepreneur, yawn. Contracts are quite useful though, as they deal with almost every aspect of a company’s activity. It can therefore prove very interesting to know the ins and outs of your contracts – to be aware of possible pitfalls, strengthen your position during negotiations and close an advantageous deal.

In order to fully understand ICT contracts, it is of course necessary to master the basics of contract law. But in recent years, the field of ICT and technology has evolved so much that the list of more specific ICT contracts has grown exponentially. Whether you’re talking about service level agreements, software licences, Cloud & SaaS (Software as a Service) or escrows, all of these contracts present their own problems and possibilities. As specialised ICT jurists, we can tell you where to look.

We think it’s pretty obvious that if you, as an entrepreneur, fully understand the ICT contracts you engage in, it can only benefit your business. So that’s what we offer: understandable, crystal clear, up-to-date contracts. No endless pages with illegible legal talk, but accessible language. This will not only convince your counterparty, but also yourself. Because the first and most important step of doing business is for you to have the complete legal picture.

And should you need someone by your side for the next steps, our jurists are there. They can negotiate alongside you, assist you, give advice where needed. No aggressive practices, just setting a clear context for an amicable talk. Because that’s what contracts should stand for: the materialisation of your mutually enriching collaboration.

Finding your way in contract rules and regulations is not always easy and it’s better to guard yourself against complicated legal nonsense. We would love to help you out and make your ICT contract a real success. Convinced? Ask us how we can be of assistance!

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