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The internet has become an integral part of conducting business, whether it’s via a website, an online platform or a web shop.

But what about the legal aspects of your online venture? If you have ever been confronted with a well-informed, critical consumer, you know that having your answers ready is a must. That is where we can help.

Consumer rights are well-developed in the UK. Consumers have the right to receive transparent information, for example about right to cancel their online purchase for 14 days, or about their payment obligations. In some cases, not mentioning certain consumer rights can have serious legal consequences. Another tricky subject is the protection of personal data. When an online business asks for an email address or other data regarding their customers, they automatically have to comply with all data protection rules and regulations.

In order to avoid complications and gain the trust of your visitors, you can obtain a quality label that you can post on your website or web shop. This certifies that your website or web shop was proofed by legal professionals, and shows your customers you take their rights seriously. Convinced? Ask us how we can be of assistance!

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