Your very own Jurist.



Having your very own Jurist for a while, who can answer your legal questions immediately. Sounds interesting?

Our jurists don’t mind swapping their desk for a new location. Make one your temporary colleague, he or she will fit in perfectly! And if an urgent matter pops up, the legal answer is right there.

We know, many companies already have an in-house legal service. But that usually doesn’t include an IP/IT specialist. Also, we don’t mind working in collaboration with your trusted partners. We have our niches, they have theirs.

Relieve yourself of unnecessary extra stress and get a temporary jurist on your side. Convinced? Ask us how we can be of assistance!

Pssst: if you want to try a free in-house jurist for initial advice on non-complex/straightforward legal matters, download our Spectr app. You’ll find more information about our trusted legal guy here.

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You can reach us by telephone (+44 113 320 5884), email (contact@thejurists.co.uk), or through our webchat.

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